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Indeed Apply Sync - Cegid Talentsoft FAQ

On this page, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the integration between Cegid TalentSoft and Indeed Apply through the Umanga Connect service.
Please note: It is important to understand that Umanga Connect does not store any data. After a successful transfer to Talentsoft, all data is deleted. Umanga Connect serves solely as a transfer interface.

Umanga Connect

  • Jobs with Indeed Apply are clicked on 30% more often than non-Indeed Apply jobs1.
  • Reduces costs by 20% for sponsored jobs2.
  • Jobs with easy application labels stand out in search results and can get up to 4X more applications1.
  • Data-driven analytics and reporting deliver candidates and applications from Indeed directly to an integrated ATS dashboard.
Source: 1Indeed data (worldwide) 2Indeed data (US)

  • i-Minded is the company that develops, maintains, and provides the software product Umanga Connect.
  • Umanga Connect is a SaaS solution that operates as a separate service, independently of Cegid Talentsoft and Indeed.
  • Umanga Connect processes your organization's application data, legally covered by a GDPR agreement between i-Minded and your organization.
  • i-Minded offers service and support for Umanga Connect to your organization as an independent entity, as specified in a SaaS contract between i-Minded and your organization.

  • i-Minded is an official Indeed Preferred Integrator. The specific legal and technical terms for this partnership are documented in a Third Party Developer Agreement between Indeed and i-Minded.
  • i-Minded is a Cegid Business Partner, with the specific legal and technical terms outlined in a contract for business cooperation.

  • Over 15 years of experience in digital solutions for recruitment agencies.
  • Specialised in online software and API connections.
  • Indeed ATS Partner since 2018.
  • Indeed Preferred Integrator since 2023.
  • Cegid Business Partner since 2023.

  1. Umanga Connect synchronizes job vacancies from your Cegid Talentsoft instance with Indeed every 2 hours.
  2. A candidate for your job vacancy applies directly on the Indeed platform.
  3. Indeed posts every application on your job vacancies directly to Umanga Connect.
  4. Umanga Connect processes each application and sends it to your Cegid Talentsoft instance.
  5. After successful processing, data in Umanga Connect is immediately deleted with a 'hard delete.' Umanga Connect does not retain your candidate data.
  6. In the event of unsuccessful processing, a 72-hour fallback mechanism is activated. The application is resubmitted once per hour for a maximum of 72 hours to your Cegid Talentsoft instance. After successful processing, the data in Umanga Connect is deleted.
  7. If the application is still not processed after 72 hours, you will receive a notification, and you can manually transfer the data. (Note: This situation has never occurred since the go-live of Umanga Connect.)

  • A multiposter can publish your job openings on Indeed, with the Indeed Apply option for candidates.
  • However, a multiposter cannot create candidate data along with CVs in your Cegid Talentsoft environment. This means that your HR consultant will receive the application data via email, and as a result, the data will need to be manually entered.
  • Umanga Connect does indeed process all candidate data along with CVs into your Cegid Talentsoft environment.

  1. Your organization enters into a GDPR & Umanga Connect SaaS agreement with i-Minded.
  2. You provide the Cegid Talentsoft API token to i-Minded.
    • You can request your API tokens from Cegid through a Zendesk ticket. We will need the following information:
      - URL of your Cegid Talentsoft environment
      - Client Id and Client Secret of the MetaEngine API
      - Client Id and Client Secret of the DataTap API
  3. i-Minded takes care of setting up and conducting a live test of your Umanga Connect instance.
  4. Indeed's quality team performs a quality review of your Umanga Connect job feed XML.
  5. Go-live.
  • After providing your API token and (temporary) user account for Cegid Talentsoft, your job feed XML is typically submitted to Indeed's quality team within 5 working days.
Timeline for the activation of Indeed Apply Sync via Umanga Connect

  • Create a Zendesk ticket with Cegid TalentSoft
  • Request the following information:
    • Client Id and Client Secret of the MetaEngine API
    • Client Id and Client Secret of the DataTap API
  • We also need the URL of your Cegid Talentsoft environment

  • € 0 setup fee
  • € 3000 per year SaaS subscription.
  • After the 1st year, it's cancelable on a monthly basis with a proportional refund of € 250 per month.
  • Unlimited number of job vacancies.
  • Unlimited number of job applications.

If you have any questions regarding the integration of Indeed Apply Sync for Cegid Talentsoft via Umanga Connect, please don't hesitate to send us an email at

You can also start right away: send us all relevant contact information and the company name, and you will receive the GDPR agreement and SaaS contract for signing without delay. Please include the name of your contact person at Cegid and, if applicable, at Indeed in your email.